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Hangzhou Shande Flavors Co., Ltd is a Professional food flavor supplier which includes research, production and marketing. Factory located in the Qianjiang economic development zone of Hangzhou which has the reputation of a paradise in the world, this location is the center of the Yangtze River Delta, the southernmost of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, its northern neighbor is the national economic center- Shanghai, the traffic is very convenient.

Company has the first-class production and perfect production management system, its production environment, technological process, safety management has reached the first-class level in domestic, during the production, company strictly comply with ISO9001 quality management system to ensure the high quality of products. Flavor chemist in the Shande Company is with many years in rich flavoring experience and best flavoring technology, after several years of research and development, company now has good product system, rich varieties, with thousands of kinds of food flavor for cold drink, beverage, candy, bake, roasted seeds and nuts, areca nut, health care products, pharmaceuticals, snack food, it could meet the production requirement of different customers.

Company has been trying to improve the service level, and pays attention to introduce and train high level application engineers who committed to provide the perfect food formula as well as the overall solution. Company hires many senior engineers with many years experience in factory production research and management, to ensure that customers could know the best performance and usage before using the products. Company has a perfect professional application laboratory for dairy products, beverages, cold drinks, candy, biscuits, etc, services for customers wholeheartedly the first time.

Company is taking the quality-centered, to improve the customer satisfaction continuously. With technology development, production, monitor the quality supervision in a whole-process. With advanced technology, scientific management and excellent service to ensure the product quality. Company pays high attention to the safety of products, according to the international management requirements, strictly check the raw material, product packaging, production management in many ways, analysis and detection, to guarantee the products out of the factory with high standard and high quality.

Company currently has sophisticated marketing network, its office has covered the national market, serves customers in the concept of good faith, efficient, fast service.

Shande Company will always be committed to the progress and development of Food Industry, pursue a hundred percent satisfaction for customers, actively promote the technology progress for Chinese Flavors and fragrances industry.

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